Checkered Flag Racing Bracelets Available in 4 Colors November 05 2013

The fun and sporty Checkered Flag Racing Bracelets arrived yesterday!  These are silicon and offer a comfortable fit.  When deciding which ones to carry for the store we just couldn't make up our mind so decided to carry all 4 colors! Buy just one to match your favorite dirt late model racing t-shirt or dirt late model racing hoodie or you can purchase all 4 to stack.  

These will also be popular with the mini race fans (i.e. kids)!  Kids love these silicone bracelets and if they are also checkered flag racing bracelets even better :)  Kids like to share and swap these bracelets so buy plenty!!

The bracelets are available on our website and are priced at just $2.00 each.  Remember Christmas is coming and these would make great stocking stuffers.