Racing Roots January 27 2019

Dirty Girl Racewear was founded in 2012. As a small company with big goals, we were ready to see if the race world loved our products as much as we do. Fast forward six and half  years to today and our small company is still small, yet it has grown into something bigger than we could have ever imagined. Here at Dirty Girl Racewear, we are proud of all our products and of all the connections we make, and will continue to make with our amazing customers nationwide. A lot has changed in the last six years for us, but one thing that definitely hasn’t changed is our love for dirt track racing.

We are kicking our year off in just a few short days and are excited to see all of our customers. The track is one of our favorite places to be! Part of our kick off will be spent at the Winter Nationals at East Bay Raceway Park in Tampa, FL. Near the track is where a very influential person to DGR family lives. That person is Larry Aldrich, my grandpa and our company's founder and face, Sonya Loose’s, dad. He raced for over 42 years and has been inducted into the Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame. He is the reason all of us have fallen in love with this wonderful and exciting sport.

While we travel the country visiting various tracks, his inspiration will always follow and every once in a while he may even be there himself.

Bring on 2019!!


-Chandler Grove