A Piece of History about Dirty Girl Racewear November 14 2013

If you've ever wondered what Dirty Girl Racewear is all about and why we started this business you are about to find out!

As a piece of history I thought I would share this picture. My love of racing began years ago when my Dad raced dirt late model cars. Here I am at the age of about 7 or 8 helping him. Dirty Girl Racewear wouldn't have been possible without my Dad having race for 40+ years!

One more......here is my Dad in Victory Lane at Merritt Speedway back in the day. That's me in the plaid pants holding the checkered flag! This picture shows what racing means to me, fun times, victorious moments, spending time with family and friends and getting dirty!!!!!!


Dirty Girl Racewear was founded by me, Sonya Loose, with input from my husband and son.  We are a family passionate about racing.  We understand that racing is not a sport, but rather a lifestyle.  We know that people at the track are not just your friends, but your family too.  We understand that once you are exposed to dirt track racing you are hooked and that is becomes part of who you are.  We had a desire to be part of the racing community at a higher level and we recognized a need in the marketplace for racewear apparel that demonstrated the wearers love of the sport.  Our line captures the edgy, fresh, wild & crazy spirit, and sense of humor that race fans have.  It was time for new options and ones that are eye catching attention getters!  We are dedicated to providing you a high quality, locally sourced product that you will be proud to wear over and over.  Here's to gettin' dirty and lookin' good doing it!
Visit the store at www.dirtygirlracewear.com or see us at one of the races we attend as a vendor in 2014!